Labor Notes Troublemaker’s School Workshops – Feb 17 in Ypsilanti

Are your co-workers apathetic?

Are you worried about how your union will fare under Right-To-Work?

Come to these workshops that help organizers and activists build power on the job!

Local labor and community activists are hosting a second Ypsilanti Troublemaker’s School from 9:30 AM – 3 PM on Saturday February 17, at the Pray-Harrold Building on the EMU Campus in Ypsilanti. Register here

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Prevailing Wage Support Rally – Weds Jan 10

(Message from Michigan AFL-CIO)

prevailThis Wednesday, January 10th, the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council is hosting a rally at the State Capitol starting at 8:00am to send a message to state legislators that we need to protect prevailing wage.

Here’s what’s happening: a group of non-union companies have launched a petition drive to repeal prevailing wage. If they have collected enough valid signatures, prevailing wage repeal legislation could be sent to the state legislature for a vote as soon as this week.

Here’s what’s at stake: repealing prevailing wage will cut the pay of working skilled trades men and women in our state, which includes many veterans. Repealing prevailing wage will take food off the tables of Michigan’s working families, it will hurt small businesses, and hurt our economy.

Here’s how you can help: we need to have a BIG turnout at this week’s rally to tell the legislature they should let the people decide on this important issue.

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Defend Public Education Rally Fri Dec 15

EMUAAUPRallyDear Sisters, Brothers, Friends:

EMU faculty and their allies in local labor are in a big fight to prevent an out-of-state company from privatizing online courses at EMU – and walking away with 50% of students’ tuition and fees for these courses. The administration didn’t consult with the people who teach at EMU when they agreed to this deal. We hope by creating pressure among students, alum, and staff at EMU, we can stop continued efforts to undermine our institution and the hard work of all the folks in our EMU community, including members for a number of unions.

You can also learn more about our efforts from Michigan Radio.

We need all the support we can get on Friday at 11am in front of Welch Hall on EMU’s campus to stop this shadowy deal! EMUFT and EMU-AAUP have a joint Facebook event that explains the rally and our fight – please RSVP:.

If you can’t join us on Friday, please sign our petition: . We’ll deliver it on Friday, and we are close to 1,000 signatures – almost all from EMU students, staff, and alums who care about our public institutions and the quality education our members work so hard to provide.

Jackson City Endorsements 2017

Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, votes to endorse Derek Dobies for Mayor, Andrew Frounfelker for reelection as the 5th Ward City Councilmember and Colleen Sullivan for the 6th Ward City Councilmember.

We endorsed these candidates for a simple reason. They will fight for working people.
When a few billionaires can use their nearly unimaginable wealth to influence our politics, our jobs, and our lives, working people across the nation are standing up to say, “we’ve had enough.” That’s why the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation is standing by these candidates.
Our endorsement process is designed to be comprehensive and efficient. Candidates who fill out the HVALF’s on-line questionnaire are invited for interviews. All candidates must fill out the questionnaire to be recommended or endorsed. Everyone who fills out an HVALF questionnaire is invited to meet with the HVALF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) for an interview. The COPE discusses information gathered from the questionnaire, the interview and other sources, and makes recommendations to the full HVALF delegate body at its next monthly meeting. The delegate body discusses the COPE’s recommendations and votes on each.

Free and independent trade unions – the collective organizations of America’s working people – have been a cornerstone of our democracy for over a century. We are working hard to rebuild our labor movement. We support strong candidates who will unequivocally stand up for working people and their unions. Their support is vital to our efforts to build a strong labor movement, a stronger democracy, and a better America.

LEO Bargaining Kickoff Rally – Fri 10/27 12 PM


Sisters and brothers,
LEO begins bargaining with the UM Administration tomorrow morning, and to mark the occasion, we’re having a kick-off rally from noon to 1pm Friday 10/27 at Pierpont Commons on North Campus.

It would be great to have you with us as we launch what is without a doubt the most ambitious set of bargaining demands we’ve put forward since our first collective agreement.  If you can come, please contact me and I’ll send you more details re. parking, which can be challenging on North Campus. (The free bus from UM’s Central Campus is also available.

In solidarity,
Ian Robinson
President, HVALF

HVALF Endorsement of Community Mental Health Millage

At our October 3rd meeting, HVALF delegates voted to endorse Washtenaw County’s proposal for a public safety & community mental health millage, which will be on the ballot this November 7th.

While the millage is more complex and less transparent than we would like, we nonetheless believe (based on our knowledge of the commitments of the majority of Commissioners and the Sheriff) that most of the funds raised will go to community mental health needs and, closely related, to keeping people with such needs out of our criminal justice system. These are vital priorities for our community that we whole-heartedly share with the Commissioners who back this millage.

We also believe that the workers on the front lines of community mental health service delivery — both those who are county employees and those employed by service providers that contract with the County — are seriously under-paid. Many of the latter are making around $9/hr, less than a McDonald’s worker, despite the much heavier responsibilities that they have. Entry level County employees doing this work start at about $14.66/hr., though they do get benefits.

Working with Commissioners who share this conviction, we will do our best to ensure that some of the millage money is used to raise the pay of those who do this vital work. If we are successful, this should help to reduce turnover, particularly among the lower paying service providers. Lower turnover, in turn, means stronger relationships between consumers and service providers, and the higher quality of service that results from increased knowledge and trust.