Additional Endorsements 2018

Below are the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation’s endorsements in upcoming races. The primary election is Tuesday, August 7 and the general election is Tuesday, November 6.


  • US Senate – Debbie Stabenow
  • District 7 – Gretchen Driskell
  • District 8 – Elissa Slotkin
  • District 12 – Debbie Dingell


  • Governor – Gretchen Whitmer
  • Secretary of State – Jocyelen Benson


  • District 18 – Jeff Irwin
  • District 22 – Adam Dreher


  • District 52 – Donna Lasinski
  • District 53 – Yousef Rabhi
  • District 54 – Ronnie Peterson
  • District 55 – Rebekah Warren


  • Mayor – Jack Eaton (D)
  • Ward 3 – Julie Grand (D)
  • Ward 4 – Graydon Krapohl (D)
  • Ward 5 – Chuck Warpehoski (D)


  • Mayor – Anne Brown (NPA)
  • Ward 1 – Ka’Ron Gaines (D)
  • Ward 3 – Desiraé Simmons (NPA)


  • District 1 – Kent Martinez-Kratz (D)
  • District 2 – Sue Shink (D)
  • District 3 – Shannon Beeman (D)
  • District 4 – Felicia Brabec (D)
  • District 5 – Justin Hodge (D)
  • District 6 – Ricky Jefferson (D)
  • District 7 – Andy LaBarre (D)
  • District 8 – Jason Morgan (D)
  • District 9 – Katie Scott (D)

Prof. Elizabeth Anderson on Private Government

Please join HVALF and Huron Valley DSA for a presentation from Umich philosophy professor Elizabeth Anderson on her 2017 book “Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don’t Talk About It)”:anderson

Where: 1339 Mason Hall, 419 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI
When: Tuesday March 27, 7 PM
Fb event

Prof. Anderson’s book offers a critique of free-market ideology. Combining historical analysis and philosophical rigor, Anderson illuminates how the managerial/administrative class has come to exercise power unaccountably over workers while espousing individualist libertarianism that obscures power relations. In an era when labor issues are all too often ignored in the academy, Anderson’s work underscores the necessity of freedom and dignity for all people.

EMU and UM-Ann Arbor Solidarity Actions

HVALF members and the local labor community have several opportunities this coming week to support labor in Washtenaw County:

  1. Thursday March 15 – Rally to Save our Staff
    Welch Hall, EMU, Ypsilanti MI, 12 – 1 PM
    Facebook event
    “Top administrators at EMU are eliminating 60 clerical and technical and professional jobs. We’ve heard from folks all over campus about the absolutely essential services these members of our EMU community provide. And we’re working with other campus groups to stop these cuts and hold EMU’s top administrators accountable!

    Help us make some noise outside Welch Hall on Thursday, March 15 from 12-1pm!

    We can stop these cuts and demand a new way forward for EMU. This budget shortfall is driven by bad management decisions. The answer is not cutting the jobs of the staff members who support students. The way forward is to make good management decisions, by investing in our students and in programs that fulfill EMU’s mission as a quality provider of affordable higher education.”

  2. Friday March 16 -Open Bargaining and March to Respect the Lecs
    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, 9 – 1 PM
    Facebook event
    “Friday, March 16 is LEO’s first open bargaining day in Ann Arbor. Open bargaining is an opportunity for all allies in the community who wish to stand in solidarity with Lecturers and organized labor.”
    (See the Facebook event above for more details on the open bargaining session.)
    “12:15PM @ ***THE DIAG***: WE MARCH. ALL ALLIES are welcome to march with us from The Diag back to Palmer Commons.

    NON-DIRECT INTEREST ALLIES: Please meet us AT THE DIAG at 12:15PM.
    DIRECT INTEREST ALLIES WHO CANNOT JOIN US BEFORE 12:00PM, please also meet us at The Diag.
    LEO reps will be waiting at the Diag by 11:45AM to help direct traffic. Let’s make this march massive and unmissable on campus, a clear sign that the community stands with Lecturers.”

Supreme Court Fight

The Supreme Court heard a case this morning (Janus v. AFSCME Council 31) brought by the rich and powerful who are trying to take away your freedom to join in union.
The American labor movement is a family that will not be pushed around or denied. Working people pave the streets, drive the buses, educate our children, and are the first to respond in times of emergency. Working families know best what is needed to build a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Labor Notes Troublemaker’s School Workshops – Feb 17 in Ypsilanti

Are your co-workers apathetic?

Are you worried about how your union will fare under Right-To-Work?

Come to these workshops that help organizers and activists build power on the job!

Local labor and community activists are hosting a second Ypsilanti Troublemaker’s School from 9:30 AM – 3 PM on Saturday February 17, at the Pray-Harrold Building on the EMU Campus in Ypsilanti. Register here

Facebook invite


Prevailing Wage Support Rally – Weds Jan 10

(Message from Michigan AFL-CIO)

prevailThis Wednesday, January 10th, the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council is hosting a rally at the State Capitol starting at 8:00am to send a message to state legislators that we need to protect prevailing wage.

Here’s what’s happening: a group of non-union companies have launched a petition drive to repeal prevailing wage. If they have collected enough valid signatures, prevailing wage repeal legislation could be sent to the state legislature for a vote as soon as this week.

Here’s what’s at stake: repealing prevailing wage will cut the pay of working skilled trades men and women in our state, which includes many veterans. Repealing prevailing wage will take food off the tables of Michigan’s working families, it will hurt small businesses, and hurt our economy.

Here’s how you can help: we need to have a BIG turnout at this week’s rally to tell the legislature they should let the people decide on this important issue.

RSVP to the rally