Ann Arbor 2017 Endorsements

Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, votes to Endorse Jack Eaton, Zach Ackerman, Chip Smith, and Jared Hoffert for Ann Arbor City Council.

The delegate body of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, voted to endorse Jack Eaton (Ward 4), Zach Ackerman (Ward 3), Chip Smith (Ward 5), and Jared Hoffert (Ward 2) for Ann Arbor City Council. We endorsed these candidates for a simple reason. They will fight for working people.

When a few billionaires can use their nearly unimaginable wealth to influence our politics, our jobs, and our lives, working people across the nation are standing up to say, “we’ve had enough.” That’s why the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation is standing by these candidates.

Our endorsement process is designed to be comprehensive and efficient. Candidates who fill out the HVALF’s on-line questionnaire are invited for interviews. All candidates must fill out the questionnaire to be recommended or endorsed. Everyone who fills out an HVALF questionnaire is invited to meet with the HVALF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) for an interview. The COPE discusses information gathered from the questionnaire, the interview and other sources, and makes recommendations to the full HVALF delegate body at its next monthly meeting. The delegate body discusses the COPE’s recommendations and votes on each.

Free and independent trade unions – the collective organizations of America’s working people – have been a cornerstone of our democracy for over a century. We are working hard to rebuild our labor movement. We support strong candidates who will unequivocally stand up for working people and their unions. Their support is vital to our efforts to build a strong labor movement, a stronger democracy, and a better America. Join us on Facebook by searching Huron Valley Area Labor Federation/AFL-CIO and send us a message or call our office at 734-730-4356 to get involved.