Ann Arbor City Council Endorsements – August 4, 2015

At the HVCLC’s monthly delegates’ meeting, on July 7th, delegates unanimously endorsed the Committee on Political Education’s recommendations for endorsements for Ann Arbor City Council. (The Ann Arbor City Council election will be held on August 4, 2015.) The four candidates endorsed are:

Ward 1: Sabra Briere
Ward 3: Zachary Ackerman
Ward 4: Jack Eaton
Ward 5: Chip Smith

The process by which we came to these endorsements was as follows:

  • Our President first contacted all Democratic candidates for Ann Arbor City Council positions and invited them, if they wished to be considered for our endorsement, to fill out an on-line survey.
  • Five candidates, of the 8 involved in a contested primary, filled out our survey. The HVCLC’s Committee on Political Education (COPE), which includes all members of our Executive Committee plus other delegates interested in participating, read each of these responses carefully.
  • We then met briefly with each of the five candidates who filled out our survey. This allowed us to ask follow-up questions and gave the candidates a chance to add to what they wrote in the survey.
  • With this information, supplemented with additional research where we thought it useful, the COPE made recommendations to the HVCLC’s Delegate body at our July 7th monthly meeting.
  • The HVCLC Delegates discussed and voted on the COPE’s recommendations, with the results you see above.

The HVCLC will be sending a letter to all affiliate members who live in Ann Arbor, conveying these endorsements and explaining the process by which we arrived at them. We will follow up on that mailing with phone banking. If you would like to help with this or related work, please let me know at


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