Prevailing Wage Support Rally – Weds Jan 10

(Message from Michigan AFL-CIO)

prevailThis Wednesday, January 10th, the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council is hosting a rally at the State Capitol starting at 8:00am to send a message to state legislators that we need to protect prevailing wage.

Here’s what’s happening: a group of non-union companies have launched a petition drive to repeal prevailing wage. If they have collected enough valid signatures, prevailing wage repeal legislation could be sent to the state legislature for a vote as soon as this week.

Here’s what’s at stake: repealing prevailing wage will cut the pay of working skilled trades men and women in our state, which includes many veterans. Repealing prevailing wage will take food off the tables of Michigan’s working families, it will hurt small businesses, and hurt our economy.

Here’s how you can help: we need to have a BIG turnout at this week’s rally to tell the legislature they should let the people decide on this important issue.

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