Washtenaw County Special Ed Millage

At the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation’s meeting on February 2 2016, delegates voted unanimously to support an increase in the millage rate for special education in Washtenaw County on the May 2016 ballot. You can find out more about the millage increase at this site.

The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF) delegates believe that this special education millage is good for working people and for our communities for a number of reasons:

  • Investment in special education saves our community money in the long run by better preparing students with special needs for jobs and careers that will enable them to support themselves with dignity.
  • The proposed increase of 1.5 mils will generate about $22 million for special education. This will free up $22 million in County school districts’ general operating funds that must currently go to federally mandated special education, enabling us to reallocate these funds to improved programming for ALL public school students.
  • The special education millage has not increased in 11 years, and so, has not kept pace with increased special education costs that we must cover under federal law.
  • 100% of the money raised through this millage increase will go to Washtenaw County public schools.
  • The cost to each household is modest, compared with the scale of the benefits summarized above: for a homeowner with a house valued at $200,000, this proposal would increase taxes by $150/year or $12.50 per month.

Thank you for considering our endorsement as part of your process for deciding how you will vote on Tuesday May 3rd. Not many people vote in the May primary elections, so every vote counts more than usual. If you have questions about this millage, you can get answers by emailing huronvalleyclc@gmail.com . A delegate who understands these issues will respond.