Solidarity with Workers Opposing Right to Work in Wisconsin

Like Governor Snyder did in Michigan in 2012, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is now attempting to ram a “Right To Work” bill through the Wisconsin state legislature.

Ruth Conniff in the Madison-based magazine The Progressive  (Scott Walker: Big, Bold, and Wrong , 2/24/15), writes:

“Sticking it to unions [..] depresses wages and investment in public schools. In the twenty-five right-to-work states, the Economic Policy Institute reports that average wages for both union and non-union workers are $1500 a year lower than in states that don’t have right-to-work laws (“right to work” means all workers are entitled to union benefits but don’t have to pay union dues, effectively shutting down the power of unions to fund their organizing work.)

Right to work states also spend 30 percent less on education.

Kevin Gundlach, president of the South Central Federation of Labor, disputes the idea that ordinary citizens of Wisconsin support Walker’s union-busting politics.

“We spent months traveling all over Wisconsin, talking to union and non-union workers in every corner of the state, and not one person talked about Act 10 or right-to-work as a priority,” Gundlach says.”

Huron Valley Central Labor Council members can follow (and participate in) the situation in Wisconsin on social media:

Facebook: Citizen Action Wisconsin , Wisconsin AFL-CIO , Defeat “Right to Work” in Wisconsin

Twitter Hashtags to watch: #wiunion #wipolitics , #righttowork

You can also donate to the legal defense fund for the Wisconsin AFL-CIO here .